A Premier Planned Business and Industrial Park

  • One of the largest intermodal transportation logistics facilities in the world
  • Over 70 miles of dual service operating track within the park owned and operated by TGS Cedar Port Partners
  • Mainline rail service is provided by Union Pacific and BNSF Railway. They share track rights to the industrial rail spur entering the park.
  • Union Pacific and BNSF operate nearby intermodal facilities in Harris County. The Barbours Cut Terminal, operated by Union Pacific, is approximately 8 miles west of the park. BNSF’s Houston (Pearland) Intermodal Facility is roughly 33 miles west of the park.
  • Tenants locating within the park work directly with TGS for the approval of their rail design.
  • TGS operates and oversees rail service and can tailor operations to customer needs
  • Current storage capacity for over 2,400 rail cars and expanding to 3,000 by Q1 2018