Barge/Ship Acess

A Premier Planned Business and Industrial Park

  • Two barge dock terminals within the park with access to Barbours Cut Container Terminal and Bayport Container Terminal
  • Chambers County Improvement District Public Dock 1 (CCID1) is a public barge facility available to all qualified operators and stevedores
  • Ease of access to Cedar Bayou through CCID1 Barge Dock
  • 3-hour barge trip from Barbours Cut and Bayport Container Terminals
  • Container terminals a short drive from the park
  • Ability to handle overweight containers
  • Finger Lakes fleeting area and additional room for dock expansions
  • Pipeline corridor and connections in close proximity to barge docks
  • Development ready waterfront sites available for development
  • Future development along the southern portion of the site would include a deepwater port to serve not only the industrial park tenants but the Houston market and surrounding region. A liquid bulk terminal to serve the oil and gas industry is also in consideration.